About US

property maintenance
At Re-Act Property Services Inc. we Pride ourselves in being a Family owed Busniess serving Durham and the East GTA proudly for 10 Years. We cover all types of properties from Small residential to large Commercial – Retail outlets. Call us and be come a part of our growing family.

Equipment and Staffing

  • Tractors for the big snowfalls.
  • Late model trucks with late model plows and spreaders for low equipment failure rates
  • Mechanics on staff for quick repairs and same day turnarounds
  • Pre purchased salt reserves for reliable salt quantities
  • Trained , experiences and well paid staff that is assigned to manage routes….the same routes so they are familiar with your property.

GPS tracked equipment, so we and you know exactly where everyone is, how long and when they where on site as well as how much salt did we actually use on your site.

24/7 Emergency Service – No Contract necessary

 24-7 staffing, so we can answer your call, not a machine. On call dispatching for emergencies.

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